Certified Personal Training 

At Optimum Therapies of North Dakota our certified personal trainer works with you one-on-one to develop a realistic plan that meets your personal goals and physical capabilities. The one-on-one sessions encompass strength, flexibility, and cardio training. Maximize your movement, learn correct form and uncover your potential!
50-Minute Private Session
25-Minute 1/2 Session

The personal training experience at Optimum Therapies of North Dakota begins with a “get to know
you” consultation. We will explore your history of physical activity, past injury assessment and take the time to set goals that you would like to accomplish.

Together we will reach your goals with the use of a Pilates reformer.  A Pilates Reformer work-out is a low impact, full-body workout.

Pilates concentrates on the deep postural muscles, including pelvic floor and transverse abdominus. Improving these core muscles increases control, coordination, flexibility and strength that will create a balance within the body . Through Pilates, the body will learn how to move safely and more efficiently to improve overall well-being.

By working with our Personal Trainer you will have the skills, education and confidence to perform movements in all of life’s activities.

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